Canaima Tour

1st Day
Transportation to the airport in the morning and flight to Canaima (during the flight we will enjoy the beautiful view from the airplane). In Canaima we will have free time (1 or 2 hours approximately) that allows us to walk from the camp located in front of the Falls of the Lagoon, to the beautiful River beaches or also to continue walking to the indigenous town and to appreciate their surroundings. Then eat lunch in the Camp and Walk, in Boat in the Lagoon to appreciate the Falls, Ucaima, Guadaima, Golondrina and Hacha. Stop in the Anatoli Island where we will walk for 20 minutes to the Sapo Fall (walk inside the Cascade). For this activity we will need swimming suits, because we will wet ourselves when crossing it. Then we will walk to the Sapo Fall. Later we will walk to the top of the Falls to appreciate them from above and we will continue to the Carrao River (in boat) to sleep the night in hammocks, in a Camp inside of a canyon (Haonda Canyon ) a magic and grandiose view of the walls of the Tepuy that surrounds this Camp inside the Canyon. Until this moment we have navigated in two Rivers (Carrao and Haonda)

2nd Day
After Breakfast we continue navigating the Haonda Rivers where we will continue to the Ratoncito Island (approximate hour of arrival 10:00 a.m.).
The arrival is at early hours of the morning, that which allows us to appreciate for more time the Angel Fall and beside the Churún River.
Then we will walk during one hour in the Forest until the Laime Mirador that is more near the Angel Fall . Where we will appreciate the grandiose and spectacular Angel Fall . Then we will walk underneath the Angel Fall . There we will enjoy a shower and we will have the enough time to fill with energy and to appreciate this natural monument of the lost world. Return to the Camp, Lunch (later than usual, to have taken us appreciating and enjoying the Fall). Diner. Sleep in hammock.

3rd day
After Breakfast, free time to take the last pictures of the Angel Fall and return by the River to Canaima. We arrive to the Ucaima Port and we walk to the Airport to take the Airplane.


Bolivar City - Canaima. We will look for you in the Bus Terminal of Bolivar City the day of your arrival (previously arranged). Breakfast in Bolivar City.

We have two Options and two Prices
for the transfer to Canaima,
but the Tour in Canaima is the same one.

  1. Option number One: After the breakfast a direct flight 1 hour 5 minutes - Bolivar City - Canaima 3 days and 2 nights everything included. Direct flight Bolivar City - Canaima.

  2. Option number two: After the breakfast, transfer via terrestrial for 2 hours 30 minutes to the Paragua population where they will take flight deprived by 25 minutes to Canaima (it is a beautiful flight to 3.000 feet high). 3 days and 2 nights everything included
    "the best price".
    Bolivar City via terrestrial. Flying from Paragua Population to Canaima
    Price Check - We guarantee the best price


Santa Elena de Uairén - Canaima - Bolivar City

This package offers:
An extra day in the Canaima Lagoon
Without any cost. Lodging in hammocks
(without food the extra days)

But you will have different options to buy food, camp, stores, bakeries, restaurants, etc.
To make this promotion valid you must confirm that you want this extra day before the beginning of the Tour.

Important notice
This package includes: A bilingual guide , air transport , fluvial and terrestrial, food, mineral water, lodgings, Tour in the Lagoon and Tour in the Angel Fall .
This Package DOES NOT include: Entrance to the National Park (norms of the park, payment is necessary,
Bs. 8.000 - US$ 5) it doesn't include alcoholic drinks.

We recommend you to take only this necessary things:
2 long pants, a swimming suit, 2 pairs of socks, 1 towel, poncho or rain jacket, 2 short sleeve shirts, sweater, hat or cap, sun eyeglasses, mosquito repellent, sun protector, camera, documents of identification.

You will never be the same person after enjoying this adventure!!!.

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Francisco Alvarez